bulk postcard mailing in Toronto

Different Options For Mailing Campaigns

Direct mailing campaigns are still widely used by businesses in various forms. The type of mailing option you choose, should depend on the purpose of the campaign. Some direct mailings can be expensive, and ineffective, when not conducted efficiently. Others can be simple, cost-effective, and successful. The successful campaign, regardless of the type, begins with an attractive presentation, accurate direct mail printing, and an experienced direct mail services company. A company that does direct mail printing in Toronto, has a number of years experience and offers a free consultation. If you are a small business, just beginning your first direct mail campaign, the experience of the direct mail printer and processing company will be of great benefit to you.

Options range from bulk postcard mailing in Toronto, to publication distributions. They include catalog mailings, personalized direct mailings, and poly-bagging services. Knowing the costs, benefits, and regulations for each one is the key to spending advertising dollars wisely. For example, in order for publication distribution to be considered a bulk mailing, it has to be published at least twice a year. If it is a one-time publication, you cannot send it out at the bulk rate savings. If you are unaware of that, you can face fines and penalties from the Postal Service. Postcard mailings are not suited for fund raising appeals. If you send them out for that purpose, you will not be successful, and the organization would have wasted advertising dollars.

Postcard mailings are cost-effective and generate a high return on the investment, if you use them appropriately. They are best suited for product awareness, test marketing, promotions, and attracting new customers. Postcards are ready to read, and are less likely to be thrown out than letter mailings. Postcards also offer fast turn around times, so you can use them, for example, to announce upcoming product launches. In addition to mailing, postcard services include designing, printing, sorting, address validation, and bundling.

Poly-bagging services offer many advantages for your advertising budget. These services allow companion pieces, including samples, to be stacked and mailed together. It is a safe and inexpensive way to mail magazines to customers, and include free computer software. Poly-bagging is versatile, attractive, and most likely to add new customers to closely related products or services. For example, if you have a new shampoo coming onto the market, you can place a sample of it into the mailing of a health and beauty magazine. The person who has subscribed to the magazine is more likely to try your new shampoo, than someone who receives only the sample in the mail.